Transgender/Gender Therapy Services

A major part of my psychotherapy practice, as well as my professional life, is devoted to working with and for persons who are trans, transgender and nonbinary, as well as those who are gender questioning.

Questions about one's gender identity and gender expression can pose enough distress in someone's life that they wish to use the services of a gender therapist to help them sort things out. 

For some this distress can be strong enough that they might experience Gender Dysphoria (the degree that someone's felt sense of gender doesn't align with their assigned-sex/gender-at-birth, therefore the gender they are perceived as).

The intensity may be severe enough that the need for social and/or medical intervention is necessary. 

If you are interested in or considering going through any or all of the stages of transitioning, there are guidelines called the WPATH Standards of Care for the Health of Transgender, Transsexual, and Gender-nonconforming People that therapists and physicians are strongly encouraged to follow (you can download a copy of this document here). 

I am happy to help you navigate and explain these Standards of Care to you during our free consultation so that, together, we can begin to plan your transition timeline.

During this consultation we can also discuss my other services, which include: 

  • Assessment and referral letters for gender-affirming hormones and surgeries

  • Counseling services for support and encouragement during the transition process.

  • Referrals for relationship counseling to provide assistance everyone affected by the transition.

  • Consultation and referrals for working with children who are gender variant, gender non-conforming, transgender, and nonbinary.

  • Resources for the legal aspects of transitioning such as legal name change, gender marker change, your rights as protected under the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act, etc.

  • Referrals for support groups, medical care, treatments (such as electrolysis/hair removal), spiritual direction, etc.

  • Counseling services to explore the wide range of issues and topics related to gender exploration and transition.

Additional Services

I am also available as a consultant, guest presenter, panel member, and trainer, as well as being available for interviews requiring the expertise of a gender therapist. Please contact me at for a list of my past experience in these areas and to discuss availability and price.

You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery
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