One of the ways folks attempt to "find the answers within" is to start seeing a therapist. Chances are you have stumbled across this website because you are considering doing this. Good for you!  This means you are in search of answers, the results of which might be dramatic.

Every therapist (aka mental health counselor) has their own approach as to how they assist clients in emotional or mental distress. It's important you know what a therapist's thoughts are on this before you decide if that person the right fit for you.

For instance, although I have created my own unique approach to counseling I am also greatly inspired by the Rogerian and Jungian approaches.

The Rogerian approach to psychotherapy (named after psychotherapist Carl Rogers) means that I believe that your answers lie inside of you, and that I am here to help you find them.  This is done through:

  • Doing everything I can to 'walk in your shoes' and truly understand who you and what you are going through
  • Providing a warm and non-judgmental atmosphere where you can do self-exploration
  • Offering unconditional support to you as you encounter realizations and begin to make life changes

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The Jungian approach to psychotherapy (named after psychiatrist Carl Jung) means that I believe that your anxiety, confusion, anger, depression - i.e your symptoms - are there to tell us that there is something very deep going on inside of you that needs attention. These symptoms are messengers to us, so we will spend time listening to them, analyzing them, and hopefully discovering what it is that they want us to know. 

Think of it this way - have you ever been to the doctor because you weren't feeling physically okay? You probably had certain symptoms occurring which let you know something wasn't right, like various pains and discomforts that weren't usually there. 


You went to the doctor because you wanted to feel better. Depending on your doctor they will either give you medicine in the hopes that it will cure you, or they will spend time trying to figure out what the symptoms are trying to tell them about what is ailing you. 

Although this latter approach might take a while, the end result is discovering and curing the actual problem. This is opposed to just making the symptoms "go away" while the real problem still remains, coming back again and again in various forms, causing more and more damage to your body every time.

Usually your symptoms are trying to let us know that there is a serious mismatch going on between your inner world and your external world.  Having a third party who is interested in helping you find the truth (i.e. your therapist) can bring these answers to light for you.

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All in all my hope is that through therapy you will become better connected with your true, authentic self.