Hi, I’m Dara. My pronouns are they/them, or my first name.

Before I tell you about myself and my practice, keep in mind that I offer a free 30-minute consultation to potential therapy clients.

Although knowing about my credentials and experience is important, I want to give you the chance to meet me in a no-pressure atmosphere of "Hey, let's just get to know each other and see how it goes."

You can see where my office is, how you feel in it, and what your initial impressions are. You can also ask to have some time to think about your decision after you leave.

(Note: if you are interested in an assessment for transition-related letters of reference, this is not set up as counseling and therefore the free consultation does not apply. Click here for more information)


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I have a B.A. from the University of Kentucky in Communication, and a M.A. from the University of Phoenix in Community Counseling. In 2010 I completed my requirements towards my LPC licensure (i.e. Licensed Professional Counselor), which is granted by the Department of Regulatory Agencies of Colorado.

I am a member of WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health), and am listed as a KAP (Kink Aware Professional). I have also been a member of the C.G. Jung Society of Colorado Springs and the LGBT Chamber of Commerce of Colorado Springs.

My pronouns are they/them, and the use of my first name. I am queer, and nonbinary.



In addition to seeing individual clients I also provide couples and relationship therapy. At this time I’m exclusively seeing adults as clients. I do not provide Family Therapy, or therapy for children or teens, but am happy to provide referrals for these.

My main area of focus is gender therapy services (gender questioning, transgender, trans, nonbinary), which you can learn more about here. I also enjoy working with those who are LGBTQ, queer, non-monogamous, kinky, and anyone else who wants to be sure they will be met with non-judgement and understanding by a therapist.

Your canine companions are welcome at The Bohemian Sanctuary!

Your canine companions are welcome at The Bohemian Sanctuary!


We can discuss my rate either by email or in person during your free 30 minute consultation.*

Please note that I am not on any insurance panels, but you can check with your company to see if they will accept a superbill from me to help to cover for out-of-network services.


Tuesdays - 11:30am to 7pm | Wednesdays - 11:30am to 7pm
Thursdays - 11:30am to 7pm

*Free consultation applies only to those seeking counseling services  


BAckstory: the origins of how I named "the Bohemian sanctuary"

I started my private practice in 2008 and named it, oh so creatively, "Dara Hoffman, MA." After spending a little over a year getting a feel for the type of clients I was attracting, I knew it was time to give the business a name of it's own.

The process of naming something can be a lengthy and complicated one, and my experience with this was no different. I landed on "Sanctuary" first, knowing this was the feeling I wanted to convey of the type of space in which my clients and I would be spending time with each other.

The evolution of "Bohemian" harkens back to my high school days. I was an army brat from 1982-1992. I struggled deeply with my self-identity as a teenager and tried to "fit in" as best as I could into this culture. However, there was something about me that was... different, and most everyone could pick up on it. I was in 12th grade when a friend of mine found me in the hallway and told me that our World Civilizations teacher used me as an example of what a "bohemian" is.

I went to the nearest thesaurus (pre-smart phone days!) and here's what I read:


Although the "grown-up" version of me proudly connects with these words, seventeen-year-old me was mortified! I saw those qualities as keeping me from being accepted by my peers, isolating me as "freak" or a "weirdo." It was well into my adulthood before I stopped being ashamed of these sides of me.

When I sat back to think about the type of clients I help in my practice, I realized that so many of them are seen as "bohemians," whether or not they are comfortable with this. This could be due to being gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, polyamorous, kinky, gamers, nerds, pagans... Really anything that our society tends to see as "out of the norm" and therefore "not okay."

It greatly disturbs me how often a person is made to feel wrong for who they are, what they like, and the way they live their life. I wanted to create a safe space for people who are seeking counseling to feel safe, supported, and at ease.

So I named my practice "The Bohemian Sanctuary" in the hopes that the right folks would find their way to it.